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I'm do not normally frequent adult dating sites, but I have checked out a few including Just hookup and Amateurmatch, which seem to be the two largest at the time of this writing. So the idea behind the Justhookup site is that the members are mostly looking for NSA or casual sex. Well after signing up and paying my money, all the members near me seemed to disappear or be mostly non-responsive. The messages that I did receive back weren't really personalized to me or the questions that I had asked which is odd for a normal person to respond with. Well, come to find out the messages that you get are from fake women that use British lingo (Justhookup is hosted in the UK, while I am looking at profiles in the US). So I gave up on the site and decided to do a Just Hookup review to warn people to stay away. So in the end its a bunch of guys twiddling themselves to pictures of unattainable models or skanky BBWs.

On the upside I did find that Amateurmatch had more 'actual' members, and I actually met up with one so far. The thing about the idealistic point of view for casual dating is that you can just message someone and they come over and are down to get dirty. In reality its still a good idea to build some kind of rapport either meeting for drinks or over the phone otherwise things don't usually go down the way I'd expect. The trick is to stay away from the ones that look like professional models and go for the normal ones. There are plenty of people on Amatuermatch looking for sex. Hopefully that Amatuermatch review helped a little as well.

I did find some other reviews about Justhookup and they are as follows:

Brent wrote: "payed upgrade because girls tell you they want to hook up but need to be sure you are who you say who you are and please sign into their link. Its supposed to be free cause your using their private link.Credit info is proof your real. enter their user name and come in contact with the woman you've been talking too but that never happens. I've had not one legitamate proposal since joining"

Marcos writes: "They send you a lot of profiles, but none of them answers your msg, lots of fakes. And then I email them asking to cancel my membership and they did not do it, offering me more features but still nobody was repling, it is just a scam, ... this site should be name something like this.....just scams if you come. "

Mike wrote: "I could tell this website was fake as there are no hot chicks near where I live in Scotland like the ones advertised on, they are all Dogs lol, I keep getting emails from so called females asking me to click on a link to see their photos, they must think I'm stupid enough to do it and let them hack into my pc, I send them abuse and tell them they need to rethink their lives as they are no good at what they currently do...hahaha"

So hopefully this Justhookup review has given you a glimpse into what the site is really like and you can go with someone more reputable like Amateurmatch.